Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pre-Christmas: The Little Ones' Decorations

This year the girls asked if they could spend their own money to decorate their rooms.  So we did a run to Hobby Lobby and here are the end results.

Bigger Bit has a double bed and shares her room with our food storage rack with the #10 cans on it.  So her dresser is in the closet.  Luckily she isn't a high maintenance gal and she doesn't have a closet full of cloths. Her drawers are also always in order. 
So she decorated the top of her dresser borrowed some Christmas napkins from me and this is the end result.  

We also made a garland of paper tree lights that I found on Pinterest.  This link will take you to the original site. She made her garland in the traditional Christmas colors. 

This is Little Bit's Tree, she was so excited to find a tiara ornament. She told me one day that I don't call her princess enough.  When my dad called me princess it was not a compliment.  So I have been using it more.  This morning I said, "Time to get up Princess, even a Princess has to get up and go to school."

Here are Little Bit's garland of Paper Bulbs.  She used less traditional colors. 

We are enjoying the season.  One of the things the girls look forward to is the hanging of the mistletoe.  We sure get a lot more hugs and kisses when it is hanging up.  The other is hanging the ornament each day on the Advent Quilt and counting how many days are left until Christmas. 

I have one with a Nativity scene I want to make. 
Maybe it will get done in 2016.

Just so we don't forget the real meaning of Christmas.

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Cactusneedle said...

The girls did a great job decorating their rooms!