Friday, December 18, 2015

My Spanish Doll

Here is my beautiful little Spanish Doll, in the professional photo taken for her role in The Nutcracker Ballet produced by Ballet Etudes.  The photo was professionally taken by Stefani Bullard

Doesn't she just looked beautiful in that costume which 
is just perfect for her.

This was a very exciting time for both of us as she participated in the Nutcracker. I was able to chaperone for four different opportunities. I was there twice for dress rehearsal and twice for  shows. It was interesting to see how things work backstage. One of the frustrating things was there is a lot of hurry up and wait as the chaperone. The cast and the chaperones show up two hours before showtime. I am not sure why other than they want to know that everybody's there and was enough time to get ready. The kids seem to deal with this much better than I did. They all brought games or toys to entertain themselves with. I had things to do also but it was hard to concentrate on reading or journal writing while watching the kids. All the kids were really well behaved and very patient backstage. It was fun to watch them especially one night during dress rehearsal. The little kids are divided into two cast groups and the one cast group was watching the other cast group and they were saying they're getting onto late they miss their cue. It was really cute to watch them.

As a chaperone for the little kids I also had the job of 
applying their makeup which was simple and fun. The girls really liked my eyelashes that I made for them. The lips were a little harder to do. One of the fun techniques I learned was how 
to apply glitter on their faces.

Little Bit really enjoyed having me as a chaperone I was glad I could help. But it is very time-consuming. Little Bit is ready to do it again next year and I'm glad there is almost a year until we start again. At the last show I was backstage waiting for the little dolls to come off stage, when one of the professional male dances came off the stage and thanked myself and the other volunteer for being there and for volunteering. He said we couldn't do this without your help. It really made me feel good to have that recognition and I appreciated him taking the time to say that. I felt there was a real spirit of cooperation with everything I saw during rehearsals as well as production.

While we were waiting to leave during intermission of the last show the female Spanish dancer came offstage. Little Bit saw her and told me that one day she wants to dance that part. I hope her dream comes true. I sent an e-mail to Stefani the photographer asking if I could use her picture of the big Spanish dancer to put it her on my blog but until that time you can go to her link above and see the Spanish dancer on her website with a lovely photo.

Right now little bits next goal is to be a baby mouse next year, 
I hope she makes it.

Here is another Christmas video for you to enjoy!

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