Saturday, November 14, 2015

What I Have Left

The last meeting of the Get RR Done Club was Thursday October 8th.  I didn't go I just had too many things to do on my to do list.  But here is an update on my progress.  
I finished three projects and made progress on three.  I didn't finish all six, but that is OK.  
I finished the Stick Witch, Stick Santa and the machine quilting free motion sampler. 
I finished the Pink Princess top, which was suppose to be quilted and binding on.
I made one block on my Design and Sew Quilt, it was supposed to be quilted and binding on. 
I made one Dear Jane corner and constructed my four borders except for the blank spots. 
I bigger dreams than I had time for.
If I do this again I am going to make my projects smaller, or smaller parts. Like finish blocks.  
Life gets too hectic for me sometimes.

Below are the pictures of the Dear Jane blocks I still have to complete.  I had to put her away again for a short time.  I have class samples to start and finish.  

I can't get these to line up the way I want.  But you get the idea,

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