Saturday, November 14, 2015

More items organized

Of course, when you are cleaning you find other things you want to organize. I had opened my box of pantographs and all the rubber bands I had rolled them up with had broken.  So I remembered how I had used empty toilet paper rolls to hold my wrapping paper on the tube.  Would it work for the pantos?

At first I just put them in the tube without cutting it but I could see which panto it was, so I decided to cut it and pull the name out. 

I now have them all in tubes now.  They are a little fatter than the ones in rubber bands but with the bands drying out and breaking they would expand any way. 

My other project was to pick out the fabric for the last four triangles I have to make for my Dear Jane quilt and the one corner.

This one I have already started working on.  

The one below I couldn't decide if I like the beige or the green. 
So I saved both fabrics. 

As I look at the picture now I am leaning towards the green. 

I love these colors together in the one below.  

No dull civil war fabrics for my Dear Jane.

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