Monday, September 28, 2015

More Happenings

We had another Birthday!

I figured this was the last year I could get away with a 
Minnie gift Bag.  So I went for it.

This is Little Bit and she is now in the double digit, age 10.

She is very expressive and makes the cutest faces.
Her face is full of joy and happiness most of the time. 

She wanted a new dress for her birthday.  The day before she kept asking me to see her new dress.  I said, "No, it needs to be a surprise."  She wasn't happy with that.  But on her birthday she was glad she had waited for the surprise. 

She also has a new bed set.  In pink her favorite color.  

She decorated her cake also.  She is doing her I blew out all the candles dance here.

Yup that is Little Bit being herself!

She has 35 kids in her class.  Next year will be the last year I have to buy cup cakes for her.  I almost didn't get them to school on time.  Just made it by the skin of my teeth.

I love this little munchkin so much.  She is so affectionate.
She is also creative and always thinks of fun things to do.

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