Saturday, July 11, 2015

Started My Third Get RR Done Project

Yup I am working on this project and I was on a roll!!
I cut out my squares.  I started with the Non Red Squares first.  I sewed the half square triangles together. 

Then I cut out most of the red squares.  I left about 100 to do after I had some of them laid out. Just in case I wanted more or less of a color.  I used 12 different reds.  

The top half is done!

The bottom half in progress.

All Quilted.

Close up of the quilting.  I tried to do free motion quilting on it but the seams with the interfacing grid behind the top made it too hard to make good shapes.  So I when with my cross hatch.  Yes, I used my favorite iridescent thread again.

So I was merrily thinking I just need to sew the eyes on and sew the seams closed and I can be done soon.  A quilting friend came over today and I was showing her how he would look on the tube.  I thought his face was a little high.  It was at the very top of the tube and part of it was above the tube. 
So I went to the pattern and counted the rows of red, I counted the rows of red on my piece.  Guess what I have two extra rows of red.  No wonder he is so long looking.   
You may be wondering how I made this mistake. I drafted my Stick Santa in EQ7, and I must have added the extra rows in there. I didn't count all the rows, I just counted to the white trim on his hat and face and then just filled in the rest with red and I went by how long it was suppose to be. 
So I have to decide what I am going to do.   
Can I buy a longer mailing tube?  
Could I just turn up his boots? But then he would 
have very short boots.
Can I tape something like a empty veggie can to the top of the tube I have?  It would have to be very secure so it doesn't fall over. 
Should I take it apart and remove the two extra rows, they are at the bottom of the top. 
That sounds like a lot of work. 
I just went and tried the cans, a veggie can is too fat but a soup can is just right.  I am going to duct tape that sucker on and be done with it.  Now to get my little people to eat a can of soup.
I am so relieved I found a simple solution.  No one will know my Stick Santa is taller.  Well you guys do but you won't tell.  

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