Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So What Have You been Up To?

This is what I have been up to...
I did foster respite care for two girls age 7 and 5 for nine days.  
I am exhausted!
It was fun but work. 
Fun to see my Bigger Bit help with brushing teeth, playing with the girls and reading to them at night.
Little Bit played with them also but she felt a little insecure especially when they started calling me Mama. 
She is feeling better now that it is back to the four of us.

I made each of our guest a scrapbook page, I can't post that.  I also managed to make myself two pages. 

Spring School Pictures of the girls, ages 11 and 9, 
grades 5 and 4.  Both have been promoted.

I also made this page of the professional photo I had taken in 2000 for the Excellence in Oncology Nursing award I received.  I hated this picture I thought I looked ugly in it.  Now 15 years later it isn't my favorite and it isn't that bad of me.  I think I hate the glasses.  Of course I saw it in programs, life size posters and 
such all out of proportion, which may had contributed to 
my dislike of the photo.  

This is the progress I made on Little Bit's stocking, not a lot 
and I didn't work on it at all last week. 

Yesterday I started working on my Stick Witch that is on my Get R Done project list.  I want to get some of it done before the meeting tomorrow so I can show the shop owner and letting her know what she needs to order for class.  
In this picture my squares of fabric on just fused on to the Fusible Quick Grid.  I still have over 70 more black squares to fuse on and 10 half square triangles on the bottom.  This is only the top half of the witch.  So what you see here is the witch's hat and her face.  

Well it is time for me to get back to work. 

Happy Stitching or what ever you are are to!

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