Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Progress Report

Well I thought I had done more on this stocking than I have done.  But every stitch counts towards getting it done.  In case you are wondering I did the bottom straight line and the stems for the flowers that are pointed down.

On my Get RR Done project, The Free Motion Skill-builder, I feel like I have made good progress.  I had three elements done out of 25 when I last posted and now I have only have 7 more elements to finish. The yellow highlighter on the image below show all the things I have finished.  
I went in order except for #7, I am having a hard 
time figuring out the direction to stitch. 

A view of the top row of stitching,  It is hard to see the white thread on the white fabric. but maybe you can see the 
effect of the stitching. 

Some of the center part.  I have learned a lot and I have learned to stop and go without making big jumping stitches.  I have ideas of different designs to do in an area.  Plus I am learning the things to set my machine up correctly for free motion.  I was working too hard on a couple of elements, until I remembered some settings to change and oh what a difference that makes.
Hopefully I won't forget all I am learning.

This project has to be done in two weeks to count, so I can be placed in the monthly prize drawing. 

Happy Stitching!

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