Monday, March 16, 2015

I Have Been Busy

My scrapbooking friends went to the Scrapbooking Expo this weekend.  I wasn't able to go because Mr. B. was on call for his job as IT Desk Top Engineer for one of the hospital groups where we live.  Luckily I stayed home because he ended up working 8.5 hours on Saturday and someone has to watch over those cute girls. 
So I scrapbooked here at home by myself.  
I did do three pages from my Dad's old album but I won't show you those.  My big project I did was to redo the tabs on My Life binder.  

In my binder I have my life divided into decades, 1948, 1958, etc.  I think I am ready for the second binder.  The tabs I had were cute but too small and they were bent and won't stick on well.  So I made new ones.  You can see them here.  I used the We R Memory Keepers Tab Punch.  Plus a friend gave me a set of letter and number punches that I used for the numbers. 

Here is my first decade. I found these fun sheets of What Happened  In for each year.  I put a picture of me that I thought represented me for that decade.  

Here is the 1968 page.  On the back side I have a time line of what happened each year in that decade.  

Here is a close up of the tab.  
I found this fun pages at CKC Creations
I was surprised how long it took me to make these tabs, between finding the right color paper from my scrapes, punching those numbers, gluing those tiny number and making the tab.  I think it was worth it.  I am happy with the results.  

The other thing I did this week was load a second practice quilt on my frame and I am doing some more practicing.  Feeling more comfortable with the process and working out some details I forgot, like raising the front bars with the back bars.  

This one is pink and I purchased enough of the backing to have is pass the end of the quilt and backing making it easier to work with.  I am not sure why I didn't think to do this sooner with other practice quilts but it's is called live and learn.

Trying e's and circles. 

And last but not least is a picture of our cat Sugar in one of her favorite nap places.  This is our coffee table in the front room, with our life binders in them, well mine and the girls.  

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