Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Organized My Kiwi Lane Templates

I got the idea from Natalie over at Create Share BlessI like it so much I copied her idea.  I did almost everything the same but I did change some things.  Because sometimes you can make a good idea better, or it works better for me. 
So I found the same job ticket folders for the borders, I didn't have any 12 x 12 card stock to cut down to 9 x 12, so I just used 8.5 x 11 card stock.  It worked fine, not perfect.  I did punch the holes in the side of the ticket sleeve.  I used my heavy duty three hole punch and just folded the top down to make it fit in the puncher.  My hand held puncher was not sharp enough to punch through the plastic of the sleeve.  Since the sleeve is 12 inches long it does show over the top of my binder but I am good with that. 
Natalie put her package insert in the back of her sleeve of the set of templates.  I put mine next to or across from my templates, so I can see the shapes drawn out without moving my templates around. 

Here are the Accessories Templates, in the two pocket sleeve protectors.  These are by Martha Steward and have a top flap so things don't slip out. Here I placed the package insert opposite from the templates but I had to change sides.  I wanted the templates on the side with the flap so they would be easier to get to. 
Yes my templates are in alphabetical order.
I couldn't find the sleeve protectors with the four pockets at Staples or online.  So I used the two pockets pages for the Tiny Accessories.  I will buy the four pocket ones once they are available.  I did use different color cardstock, I liked the fun colors. So borders are one color, Accessories another, and Tiny Accessories another.  I can find each section easily in my notebook.
I had been using a large plastic bin to carry around my templates and store them.  I found I was using the same ones all the time because I would forget what I had. 
I thought about getting the Kiwi Lane template tray but I don't have enough flat space in my home to have it sitting out.  Plus I didn't think it would be easy to transport when I go scrapbooking.  I also thought the price was a little high.  I scrapbook in my living room, so I have no place to keep things out.  But I can tuck this notebook by the side of the couch when I am not using it.  Plus it will travel easily.  I used it today and found my templates easily and could return them to the correct place just as easy.  I spent about $35 for the sleeve protectors and card stock.  I have the 2 inch D-ring binder here in the house. I can't wait to take it to my next scrapbooking day!
Be sure to see Natalie's blog for more details.