Monday, December 29, 2014

Baby Steps is Done!

I have actually finished this little quilt!!
The last hold up was I couldn't find the binding fabric that came with the kit.  So after a the failed search for the original fabric, I had to search my collections of reds to find a fabric that matched.  
I first rejected the fabric I used as too shinny, it actually has a little shin to it.  But all the others didn't look good.  I even tried a black print but it didn't work either.  
I had no real reproduction fabric to preview either.  
So after consulting my preview with a couple of friends, I went with this red.  It looks great and I wonder what I was stressing over.  Do you do that also stress over a detail too small to really worry about?  No one will tell it isn't the same fabric as in the inner border.  And if they do they are the quilt police and I don't need them looking at my work!
Thanks Jane and Kellie for your input.

Happy Stitching 
Happy New Year!

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