Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comfort Blankets

For the girls when they were Baptized I made them each their own comfort blanket.  Bigger Bit like horses so her blanket has horses on it and Little Bit likes pink and Minnie Mouse and that is what she has.  

I started them a few days before the Baptism and had them done enough for the Baptism that they didn't fall a part.  I applied the satin binding on later and finished them both by October 24th.  
I have been wanting to write this blog post since then.  
See how far behind I am.  

The one side is white minky and the other is the fabric.  I just put the two layers together, wrong side together and cross hatched between the dots on the minky.  

I presented the blankets to the girls towards the end of my talk on the Holy Ghost, who is our "Comforter".  The idea is to use the blanket when they need to feel comfort.  The girls have used them a lot, at least a couple of times a week.  They use them if they wake up from a scary dream, or feel sad or mad.  I always say a pray with them to help them link prayer to peace from the Lord.  
These are not everyday quilts or blankets, they are special and both girls keep they folded up when not in use.  They also want me to come in and take the comfort blanket off before I go to bed.
They do work and in a few short minutes they are back to sleep or feel better.  It is really the prayer that is working but that physical comfort of a blanket is nice also. 

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