Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Tying is Done!!

Yes at a 11:33 AM I placed the last ties stitch in Mr. B's quilt!
See the last tie in the right lower corner.

It was so much easier working from the front of the frame that I did two rows yesterday and one today. It is a very good feeling to have it done to this point!!

I trimmed down the extra batting to make working
from the front easier.
 I didn't leave a lot of extra backing, just enough.

Just before I removed it from the frame.
It is heavy, hubby wants it puffy so it has high loft batting in it. 
A week ago he said to me, 
"I thought you were going to tack it with your machine not hand tie it."  Now he tells me that would have been OK. 
Now to go make 360 inches of bias binding, and sew it on.
 I have stripped material for the binding. 
Here are some pictures I took a some spring time blooms.  Summer blooms for you Northern folks.
Saguaro Cactus
See the bee on the right side?

  The whole cactus in my neighbor's yard.

Another close up.
Now for some Calla Lilies in my front porch.
Close up.

I don't do a lot of photography but these turned out very well!!
Have fun doing quilting, scrapping and living!

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Lorene Holbrook said...

I am sure you are doing the happy dance! I love the quilt! and the floral pictures. you did good!