Friday, May 30, 2014

Guess Who is...

Sleeping soundly under his new quilt?  You are so right, Mr. B.!
Last night at 8:56 PM I put the last stitch in the binding and handed the quilt over to the new owner. 
I didn't get a picture last night, just too busy.
Tonight poor Mr. B. didn't feel well this evening, so he laid down in his recliner and put the quilt on himself.  Now he is happy sawing logs and has been for awhile.

Yup there he is, and that is how he likes to sleep in
his recliner with the quilt over his head.
The colors are off, that pink color is really red.
Meanwhile back in the sewing room I have began another project.  I hope to have this done by the 4th of July.  I think I will make it.
I started it on May4th, here it is just laid out on my design wall. 

Here it is with some rows sewn together.  This little quilt was designed by the owner of the LQS, A Quilter's Oasis were I teach.  It has been a fun little project so far.
I was at a scrapbooking convention all day and I am exhausted,
I am calling it a day, so night all!


my Heritage Happens said...

I love them both! You are just so busy!

Janice Hartman said...

Mary they look beautiful. I couldn't find Richard until you said his head was covered. LOL