Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Little Bit of Quilting

I was able to do a couple of more rows of tying Mr. B.'s quilt.  I had plans to get to it again the next day but I suddenly became busy filling out adoption papers and running around getting them some of them signed by health providers and notarized.  What a lot of work and that is only one set, I have another set to do.
So here is a picture of the progress on Mr. B's quilt.
Do you notice both borders are visible and I can even see my fabric I use to pin the quilt to the frame.  Yup I am that close.  I think about 5 more rows to tie!!
I need to finish this next project first since it needs to be at the shop for our meet and greet the teachers and it is a class sample.  The meet and greet is next Saturday the 26th.

It is basted and I have actually quilted a couple rows in the center, not shown here.
Well I have to go play Easter Bunny, the girls asked me to set my camera to video the bunny.  I am not sure how I am going to do that and not give it away. I guess I need some paper ears!  
Here is a link to a wonderful Easter video with the
true meaning of Easter. Enjoy!


Lorene Holbrook said...

your quilt is looking so nice. and I love the twister!!! hugs...

mrsquilt said...

Love the quilts! Hope you had a wonderful Easter and pulled off the filming of the bunny :)