Thursday, March 13, 2014

She lives...

What it may appear as if I fell off the face of the earth but I really haven't.  I have been dealing with a cough on and off since December 23rd and it is about to drive me nuts.  I get well for a week and hardly cough at all and then it starts up again, and I am coughing my head off.  Yesterday I hardly coughed at all but today I am coughing like crazy.  Not good.  I feel fine, I just get tired from coughing.  The doctor thinks it has something to do with allergies and I might have to get tested for allergies.  I'll talk to the doctor about that next week.  So that is one reason why I haven't posted a lot. 
The other is I haven't been doing a lot, you know those girls keep me busy.  I have done some scrapbooking pages both for me an my ancestors and the girls but I can't show them here. 
I have also done several adding of sleeves to small quilts.  Now doesn't that sound exciting?!  Well it is in a way.  A couple of years ago a co-worker gave me these nice little quilt racks.  I asked my husband to fix them so the rod which was fixed could come on and off to change out quilts.  He did fix them for me and hung them.  They have been up since before Christmas.  So two Christmas quilts have new sleeves, a Valentine quilt has a new sleeve as well as two spring to summer wall hangings. 
Here is a picture with the two current quilt hanging up.

I think they look lovely on my wall.  The lovely picture in the middle is the LDS Mesa Temple a limited copy done by a friend Thomas Manning.  He does good work.

I also have added a sleeve to three of my mini monthly quilts so they can hang nicely on their little hanger.  This one is for March and I have done January & February. 
How exciting can this get??
Above is Mr. B's quilt in December, I am showing you how much is rolled up on the take up bar.  Like I have said before, I have not enjoyed tying this quilt on the frame, wrong frame for the job, but I am using what I have. But look I have made progress!!
Look how much fatter the roll is!! 
I keep telling myself, if I would do 15 minutes a day it will get done.  Somehow I never find those 15 minutes a day.
Today I worked on tying the quilt and when I was taking my pictures looked at what I found peeking out on the bottom roller. 
It is the bottom first borders!!!  So I only have
1 and a 1/2 rows of blocks left to tie!!
I have more to share but it time to pick up girls from school, so I will stop here for now and get back to you!
Have fun sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and just living!

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