Friday, August 23, 2013

A Long Over Due Update.

Well I am way over due for an update.  I have been busy doing lots of stuff. As you will see in a minute. 
First up is a doll dress I made for the little foster girl.  I wish I cold show you a picture of her and how happy she was with the dress.  She watched me make the dress.  She also picked out the fabric.  She is one happy little girl. I finished it on July 26th.  I found the free pattern on line.
I forgot when I finished the back for my hubby's quilt, sometime in July.  I loaded it on my frame and it hung like this until today.  You might notice I forgot to trim something.  I think that is why I stop making progress.  I didn't notice until after it was loaded.  Ugh!  Well the debate was do it the easy way or the hard way.  I did it the easy way.  I just unrolled some quilt, placed a mat on the floor and trimmed.  :-)  Keep it Simple works.
See now the batting and top are also loaded.  That is high loft batting in that quilt, so I will be tying it instead of quilting it.  That is my hubby's request. 

We took a trip to California to go to Disneyland and the beach. I like to do hand work while my hubby is driving.  It helps pass the time.  I had two Yo-Yo blocks to finish doing the appliquéing down the Yo-Yos.  I used my automatic needle threader which helped thread those small eyed needles.   

After I finished the blocks I started making more Yo-Yo's, as you can see I made it to my red, white and blue fabric.  Would you believe the tin below should be the same color as the picture above.  One taken in natural light and the other in my sewing room, same camera.

Here are the last three blocks I finished that brings my total to 37 only 44 more to go! 

Happy Stitching or whatever you are doing!

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Lorene Holbrook said...

love those yoyos! can't wait to see the finished quilt. glad to see you post! hugs...