Sunday, May 26, 2013


I am trying Bloglovin, and you can follow my blog there also.  I really miss Goggle reader but I can adjust. 
Take Care all and have a safe Memorial Day!  Remember all the veterans.  I have four in my family, my Mom an army nurse at the end of WWII.  My brother who received his Navy Academy acceptance letter two days before his draft notice came during the Vietnam war.  My Son in Law who was in the National Guards in the largest call up in Arizona to Afghanistan.  My nephew who was also in Afghanistan. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Working on my Wedding Album

Last Saturday was scrapbooking day with my friends.  I began working on our Wedding pictures there and worked on them during the week.  I guess after being married 21 years it is about time to finish them. I have about 2 more pages to finish.
Our Family
Richard's Sisters

More of the sisters

I hate that my scanner trims the pages I scan, the left side of this page has a nice lace design.

Lots of his family

More family

You can double click on the pictures and see them bigger. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Scrapbooking

Well after scraping day with friends I came home and made a couple of more pages for my Life Story book.  This page explains my name, I was named after my grandmothers and I added their pictures to the page.  They both had died before I was born, so I don't personally know them. 
Mary Elizabeth
I also did another page for my baby brother.  I used some ideas from Kiwi Lane.  I still have a hard time covering up the designs, but I am sure I will be soon.
Today I watched this video done by Kiwi Lane showing how to make this waterfall page and I went right into my sewing room and made it. The link will take you to the You Tube video.
There are three pages that fold over each other plus two frames on the main paper.  So Kierra and can place five pictures on this one page.  It was fun.  Each picture shows the different waterfall page.  In the top one I use my rounded tip scissors to hold down the top one, it wanted to pop up.

The flower was covered with double sided tape and then ribbon was place on top of the tape and cut around the flower shape.  Kierra isn't much of a flower girl but I think she will like this one.

I was going to place a skull embellishment in the flower center but I couldn't find them.  So I used a black flower.

I also managed to finish 3 more Yo-yos at this rate of three a week it will take me another 19 weeks to just finish the yo-yos.  Oh well, I knew it would be a slow quilt.
Well have a great week and have fun creating!