Sunday, April 28, 2013

Results of my Scrapbooking Day with Friends

Well I finished a few more pages for Kierra's Wedding Album.  The black and red pages I did on Friday afternoon.
The Haunted Moon pages I did at my friend's home on Saturday.  About 4 or 5 of us get together once a month and scrap.  I really like how these two pages turned out, the black and silver look very sophisticated. 

Then it was time to work on some family history pages. 
Yours truly and my baby brother. 
 On my baby picture page I used one of my new framing templates from Kiwi Lane and punched the white with pink polka dots paper to thread my pink ribbon with white polka dots. 
Eddie is eleven years young than I am.  He is a grown man with a son of his own but he will always be my baby brother.  There are two brothers between us. I always felt closer to Ed when he was young. He was too young to give me as much grief like my other two brothers. Don't you just love the plaid shirt with the bow tie?

I think I did a good job with the girl and boy themes.
Well it is time for bed!!  Have a great week!

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