Thursday, April 18, 2013

Doing a Little Sewing.

Remember how I said I thought I was half done with my Yo-Yo blocks.  Well I am a tad off. 
There are a total of 81 center blocks and 4 corner blocks so a total of 85.  I have the center Yo-Yos on each center block.  I have 28 blocks completed, three of those done this week.  I have 9 blocks with all small yo-yos tacked down.  So I have 57 more blocks to add Yo-yos and applique them down.  I think that is more than a tad off. 
This week's block.
I have also been doing some Family History Scrapbooking, you can see those pages on my Genealogy Blog. I was trying some new techniques I learned about at the scrapbooking convention last Friday.  It was fun.  Next plan to clean the sewing room to put borders on Mr. B.'s quilt. I had planned to do that this week but those pages took longer then planed.    

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