Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Hand Stitching

Yes I have been doing a little hand stitching.  Mind you it isn't a lot but it did seem to take a long time.  And it isn't really quilt related but it is stitching. 
Web Page
Yes that is a spider web on a scrapbook page covered in spiders.  I think the spider who made this web was a little dizzy.  I used the  Sew Easy scalloped piercer tool, and the Sew Easy Circles tool.  I am sure with practice I could make it all line up better but done is better than perfect. 
I buy a lot of my scrapbooking supplies from  They have local pick up right here in Mesa which I really like.  No shipping and if I order early in the morning it is same day pick up.
Finished page.
This is my daughter's wedding on Halloween and there was a lot of fog in the chapel.  This is for her wedding album I am making. 
Kierra's Flowers

This page I used the same circle tool on the edges only and the heart piercer.  There are three flowers in each corner, the third one is black.  It does show when you have the page in your hand.  Her flowers were black, perfect for her Halloween wedding. 

Well that has been the extent of my sewing.  Now I have to work on my EQ 7 lesson for tomorrow. 

Happy Stitching!