Monday, March 19, 2012

Yo-Yo Quilt with a Double Flying Geese Border

Last night when I was playing with the Double Flying Geese border, I had a flash idea that the border will look good on my Yo-Yo Quilt.   I thought the points of the geese would be a nice contrast to the circles of the Yo-Yo's.  So this morning I opened my Yo-Yo quilt file and added the Flying Geese border.  It was fun to design but I think it might be a little much.  I don't know I might have to think about it.   

Just because I designed it doesn't mean I have to make it!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Double Flying Geese

While checking out one of the blogs I follow, Civil War Quilts, I follow this blog so I can draw the blocks in EQ 7.  While there I saw a quilt with this wonderful Double Flying Geese border. Scroll to the bottom of that post.  The quilter is Lois O and this is her link.

Of course this border intrigued me.  When I saw her drawing I thought I can draw this in EQ 7.  I did but to be honest I had to draw it first on graph paper, and then it was easy! 

Shape Tool
So here is a little tutorial to draw it in EQ 7. I made the block lay out, twice as long as it is wide.  There are 6 geese, so I divided the length into 6 even segments.  To make drawing easier I made my block 6" x 12".  Each line I drew across the block I divided into thirds.  To do this you need to use the shape tool, the second tool from the top on left is the tool you use to divide lines in half or thirds.  This is on an Easy Draw block. This is a very handy tool for drawing complex blocks.  Be sure to click on the little red square to open the menu. 

Menu and lines divided into thirds

These dots for the thirds helped me line up the points for each goose.  On the right is the menu for the shape tool, which allows lines to be divided.

Here is a close up of the triangles for the geese.  There are some extra lines that need to be removed to make the sky larger around the geese.

The same area with the extra lines removed.  To delete the lines, use the Pick tool, the top left hand side tool, click on the line, it will be bold, and use the delete key on your key board to remove the lines.

Here is the completed and colored block, be sure to add your dimensions to the Notecard so you remember the correct size of your block.  Remember EQ 7 default size for all blocks is 6'' x 6".  You can draw this block in easy round numbers like I did and then change the size to print your paper piecing paper to fit your quilt.

And here is the paper piecing pattern.  Now wasn't that fun! 

I think I even know the quilt I might use this one.  If it isn't too busy. 

Happy Stitching and Happy EQing!

Pile of Blocks

That is what I have, these are more background for my Yo-Yo quilt.  I haven't worked on it for awhile but I decided to finish all the background blocks.  Here is the post with the last update from September.  I feel the mood for hand sewing coming on, so now I am ready!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Started Those Borders

I didn't have a lot of time to sew this weekend but I did do a little more.

I was able to add the top and bottom of the first borders.  I am making them wider than normal only because my husband wants his quilt longer than normal.

Top and bottom first borders

The quilt is folded here or it would be dragging on the floor.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Look Who Did Some Sewing!!

Quilt center done

Yes I finally found some time to sew and I finished the center of Mr. B's quilt.  He doesn't think it is long enough so my top and bottom borders will be wider than planned.  It is quilt he gets it any way he wants it!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It is Finished

I have been doing a lot of stuff and none of it is quilting.  Life has been busy, last week I wasn't home one night after work, and this week is going to be the same.

Here is my twister heart all finished.
3.4.2012 Finished!
I did have my monthly EQ7 club meeting on Saturday, this is a new club, and only our second month.  I have a really good bunch of gals in my club.  They are excited to learn which makes it fun to share and teach. 

I realized I haven't done very well with my plan to design quilt a week.  But that is how the best laid  plans of mice and (wo)men go some times! :-)