Monday, January 23, 2012

Only Three Blocks to GO!

So since I only have three blocks to go, they only need the two strips of the third dark.  I decided to place the blocks I have done on the design wall.  My poor design wall is hardly big enough for what I need but it is better than nothing. 

As of 1.23.12
  The colors look a little washed out here but it is shaping up nicely.

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Center Stars

Are all done!!

The last 7 stars
Happy Stitching!!

I won't do doing any sewing this weekend as I will be attending the Arizona Family History Expo!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Project Done for 2012

Well that is a bit of an exaggeration.  I did finish this quilt last year.  I had it lovingly handing for Christmas.  On Christmas Morning our youngest son said, "Santa & the Snowman are missing their eyes aren't they suppose to have eyes."  We also had a discussion about the angle's trumpet, he thought it was coming out of her eye, I said it was her mouth.  

So last night I found the pattern to check out the eye placement.  I sewed on all the seed beads.  Birds, angel, snowman & Santa all have eyes and the angel has a halo.    So here are the updated photos to prove I did the deed.
I even gave Santa nose. I can't believed I missed this last year.  Better late than never.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Forgot One

After dinner I realized I forgot to post one of the little quilts I made last year.

Christmas Wreath 12/3/11
I need to get all the credit I can get!

This evening I finished 4 more star centers for Mr. B.'s quilt.  All the star points are made, now to finish those last 3 stars! 

Happy Stitiching!!

Review of Quilt Goals for 2011

I had big dreams at the beginning of 2011 and they were not accomplished.  It was a busy year and work was very busy.  SO I feel I did the best I could and I am happy with what I accomplished.  I am really pleased with Kierra's quilt and glad it is finished.

This was my list for 2011
Sea Breeze (PIG)
Dear Jane Scrappy Happy (WIP)
Dear Jane Nurses’ Swap (WHIMM)
Mystery Quilt 2010 (WIP)
Quilt of Valor (PIG)
Yellow Brick Road (PIG) Started
Caribbean Sea (WIP)
Washington Medallion the top only (WIP) just needs borders added
Farmer's Wife Sampler (WIP) Make more blocks did make some

2 Charity Quilts (Use Stash)
Kierra's Quilt Done
Richard's Quilt Started

The ones in italic are the ones I worked on. In Bold is what I finished. 
My life just took a different path.  But just so you don't feel bad for me let me show you the pictures of the things I did finish.
Fall Table Topper 1/1/11

Moon Santa 1/22/11
Flag Wall Hanging 4/4/11

Jelly Star 6/20/11
Fresh Picked Flowers
Flying Geese

Double Irish Chain
I am not making a list for 2012!  I am going to be surprised.  I'll peek at last year's list for inspiration.

Friday, January 6, 2012

EQ7 Special Effects

I just realized I was behind in posting my EQ7 Quilt for this week.  I think I am being a little ambitious with this idea.  Mainly because I have been working on catching up on topics for my genealogy blog. Check it out you will read some fun stories about my own life, like high school, elementary school, worst & best subjects.  Enjoy!

Now on to this weeks EQ7 idea.  This is one of my dazzle tricks I teach in my Beginner's class. 

Cross block
First you draw a block any block.  Color it. This cross block is a nice example.

Special Effect Quilt Layout
Next pick one of the Special Effect quilt layout.  This is one of the simple layouts but you could use any of the special effects layouts.

Then add the blocks to the quilt layout.  Remember to use the control key to add the blocks to all the block spaces at one time.  I really like the effect of this quilt, it looks like paths or a game board. 

I hope you try this with different blocks and see how different they can look. 

Would I ever make this quilt, no way but that is the fun of EQ you can design things and not make them. 

Happy EQ Designing!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orion's Star Progress

I am making some progress on Richard's (Mr. B.) Orion Star quilt.  Of course now that I am back to work after the Holiday breaks and I have been busy writing up Personal stories on my Genealogy blog it seems like my progress is slow.  Slow progress is better than no progress!

I have 7 more blocks almost done, I was hoping to finish the 3rd dark last night but I ran out of time. Working girls need to go to beed on time so they can get up in the morning.  I still have the second third dark to add to all the blocks. 
7 more blocks
I have ben thinking about the block arrangement and I think I will set it in a furrows pattern.  I like that diagonial look of the colors across the quilt.

Happy Stitching!