Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gratitude # 9

I am grateful for technology. I really like such things as electricity and running hot and cold water. Cars are another thing I like.  I like being able to get in one and go where I want to go.  It also allows you to be with friends and see wonderful sights of this beautiful world we live on.
I also really like computers and the Internet. It was fun to use instant messaging with my cousin in England. It is grand fun to meet her and other cousins because of a website like Ancestry. It is exciting fun to find census records and stuff on line.
EQ on the Left Linda in Miami on the right
I use Skype to teach a friend in Miami Florida to use Electric Quilt software.  Plus we visit and talk.  Sometimes we do more talking than teaching and learning.  We show each other what quilting projects we are working on.  It is so much more fun than pictures.  It is wonderful to receive an email within minutes instead of waiting weeks for letters to go back and forth. Though I do miss letters in the mail box.
I do like these modern things a lot.  They have also helped me work on my genealogy and my quilting my two favorite pass times.  It sure sounds like a win - win to me.

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