Saturday, November 3, 2012

Graditude #3

Today I am grateful for my friend Rosie. She talked me into talked me into talking a quilting class with her. Which really wasn't that hard to do since I have  sewed from age 14.  And so the addiction began.  But it is more than an addiction to me it is a legacy as I give my quilts to others and teach other the art of quilting I am giving something of myself to others. Helping them to grow and improve and have fun.  I am grateful for the opportunities I am giving though my skills.
My friend Rosie
After we had been quilting for a couple of years she decided to open a quilt shop. Since I was the only person she knew that did paper piecing, a piecing technique, she asked me to teach that class. From there I began teaching lots of other classes. I still teach a lot of quilting classes. I also did the newsletter for the shop every quarter. I learned and developed all kinds of skills all because of my dear friend. And today I will be teaching an EQ7 class.

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