Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boots is Finished!!

It's All About the Boots is finished and has been since Monday night, October first.  My goal was to have it on the wall by the 1st and I made it.  Sometime I wonder why do I put such pressures on myself but it wasn't that hard to meet.
When I hung all my Halloween quilts on Saturday I left a place for it on the wall in the family room. 
On the wall

It is hanging next to one of my favorite Halloween quilts called Monsters.  I did echoing quilting around the boots, the title and the orange around the title.  On the borders I did a spider web design.  I used that border design in Monsters also.  It is fun.  I use iridescent thread to make it more web like. 
Spider Web Quilting

You can't see the quilting real well in this picture, I only have two rows of web. 

Web Quilting on Monsters

This shows up much better.

Well have fun stitching and enjoy Halloween!   

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