Sunday, August 5, 2012

This is an EQ Week

I had my monthly club on Saturday, yesterday.  So I spent the week drawing blocks for my class.  What I have done the last two months is draw the blocks and then have my students try and figure out how to draw the block, instead of me telling them how to draw the blocks.  I hope this exercise will help them to learn how to draw any block they see.  Drawing blocks is also my favorite pass time in EQ.  I guess I want to share that.

Today Sunday I had my every other week Skype session with my friend Linda in Miami Florida. We spend two hours talking and playing in EQ. I teach her some tricks and sometimes I help her with her round robins quilts. It is fun.

Some of the blocks I taught are from the Quiltmaker's 100 Block Vol 5 collection.  There are some cool block in that magazine.  So far I have drawn 8.  

There was one block that took me three different evenings of drawing before I got it right.  I spent less than an hour or so each evening, since I was drawing other blocks also.
Tonight all those attempts paid off!

This is the block I saw that I wanted to draw, this is a scanned imagine from the magazine. 

Here is my EQ version!  I am very happy with it.  I tried several different things to make the two smaller stars including reducing the size which didn't work and make a ton of extra lines.  Even with this sample I had lots of lines to delete.

Keep on drawing those blocks practice pays off!


SewCalGal said...

What a beautiful block. And, I agree with you 100% that it does pay off to keep drawing those blocks. Amazing how much fun EQ can be. Now I want to see if I can draw out such a beautiful block.


Barb Vlack said...

That is a very nice block. You could draw it easily with few line deletions if you used a 12" block size on the drawing board, set 24 H and V for snaps, and set up a 12-grid graph paper guide.

But this block, as nice as it is, begs the question of how to piece it, given the seam lines in this drawing? VBG

Barb Vlack

Barb Vlack said...

This is a fun block. I drew it with no line deletions with a 12" block drawing board size, 48 snaps H and V, and graph paper with a 12 grid.

But as nice as this block is, for the way it's drawn, how do you piece it without adding more seams?

More seams would make it manageable to piece.

It's great practice with EQ to find blocks like this to draw in the program. Good idea!!

Good luck for more drawing.