Monday, July 9, 2012

Some Sewing and Some EQ

That sounds like it was a balanced week a little of my two favorite things. 

First up I finished quilting the Twisted Witch's Hat and sewed on the binding.  I still have to do the back of the binding by hand. 

You can't see the quilting but I used a gray to black variegated on the border, orange on the background and black on the hat.  I forgot I had this really cool variegated in the same colors as the binding.  It just didn't look good.

My EQ time included teaching my monthly club and playing with the layout of a quilt I worked on two years ago.  I call it Caribbean Sea.  I started this quilt with a group of my quilting friends.  They did theirs in earth tones and call their quilt Mother Earth.  I don't do earth tones.  I am a cool color girl!

So I drew 4 more blocks and printed out rotary cutting instructions and paper piecing patterns for the other 8 blocks I need to make.  The plan is to use this quilt in the guest room and it will need to cover a double bed.  So I still need to play with the borders a little.  I am planning to take this project to quilt camp in August.

Here are the 10 blocks I have completed so far.  Have fun sewing or EQing.


mrsquilt said...

Love the lay out for your Caribbean Sea quilt!

jagarland said...

I really like your twisted witch hat.
I bought the ruler a while ago but of course haven't tried it out yet.
I think I will now that you showed this cute Halloween WH.