Friday, June 1, 2012


Yes we have been busy remodeling at our home!

Master Bath Before
The good news is we are almost done!  We removed all the popcorn ceilings from our four bedrooms, painted and had new carpet installed.  We also installed a new tub, tub surround, tile floor and vanity and counter top in the master bath.

New Master Bath
Above look at that old linoleum floor.  We have been in the house 19 years and I am sick of it.  I am thrilled with the results and glad to be getting my home back to normal.  We are down to the putting things away and a little de-junking.  I love the new updated look of the bathroom.

Sewing Room Before
One of the funny things that happened is I told Mr. B. to take a couple of boxes to DI (Deseret Industries).  Somehow he didn't follow up with the instruction. This was a few weeks before we started the remodeling.  I think we even asked a son to do this while we were in Miami on vacation.  They ended up in the garage and then back into the house.  Oh well, all is well that ends well.  We will donate them soon. 
Sewing Room Before
See the old mauve carpet, also not a favorite color of mine. The new carpet is called Wild Blueberry it is a blue grey and I love it.

Sewing Room Almost Done

Sewing Room Almost Done

We still have some things to do like hang up my design wall.  You can see the insulation sitting on my big board waiting to be hung. 

Basically the big furniture is laid out in the same directions.
I removed the file cabinet and some plastic drawers I had and replaced them with two book cases.  I like them better.  The room feels more open and I have more space for things that weren't fitting in my closet any more.  As you can tell by the top of my cutting table I still have lots of little things to put away.  Also notice the absence of the sewing machine.  I think it will go in tomorrow. 

So know you know why I haven't posted and sewing pictures i haven't been sewing.  I have been working on EQ 7 lessons.  They are kind of hard to post.

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