Monday, April 23, 2012

No Sewing Room

Well the room is still there it is just all packed up.  We are in the I hope the middle of our chaos and remodeling job.  The popcorn ceiling is all gone, the old carpet is gone, the old tub is gone, the old linoleum in the bathroom is gone.  The new carpet is not here and is on back order, the new tub is still in a box in the garage.  And we are having a little domino effect and have decided to remove the old counter and bathroom vanity.  

So what does a girl do when the sewing room is empty, she plays on the computer and in EQ7.  I have been learning some applique drawing techniques and I have drawn some paper pieced blocks.  I also made a crossword puzzel for my monthly club meeting.  I thought it might be a fun activity to do at our next club meeting on the 5th. 

Crossword Puzzel

The Clues

I made the puzzle on this free puzzle site

I have also been doing some hand sewing, I have made more small yo-yos for the Yo-Yo quilt and have appliqued some of the large center yo-yos onto the back ground. 

What my sewing room is reduced to

Happy Stitching!

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