Monday, December 12, 2011

Quilting Update

I finished my little twister wreath project.  I found the perfect ribbon to place on the wreath. Here you can see some of the quilting, I used iridescent thread and it really looks nice. 

The pictures hardly do it justice. I only quilted the background so the wreath colors would pop. 

Wreath Center

Here it is all done and on the wall for Christmas. I bet this would look good in spring floral print for spring.  Just what I need another idea for a quilt to make! 

The other big news is Kierra's Double Irish chain is back from the long arm quilter and I really like how the quilting looks.

Celtic Scroll Quilt Design

I think I am pretty safe posting pictures here, I don't think she looks at my blog.  I didn't post any pictures on Facebook because I know she looks there.  I do want her to have some surprise on Christmas.   I love the quilting and there is just a little puff.  She doesn't like the flat look of cotton batting so this has a poly batting. 

Here is with the backing showing.  The binding has been sewed on by machine all 432 inches of it, and about 150 inches have been sewed by hand, many more to go!

Happy Stitching!

Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!


Karen said...

The Twister Wreath is a cute idea. Another use for those Lil' Twister templates.

bernie said...

Thanks for posting your Christmas Twister wreath - it came out so cute I had to run out and buy this ruler. I had the same thought as you, it could be used for each season to make a wreath. Bernie