Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Man Cave Update

Mr. B. is getting excited to finish the man cave.  He was so excited yesterday that after work but before we went to a pot luck dinner he was adding caulking to the new wood he put up on Saturday.   It also has been raining so he wanted to get the caulking in before moisture entered behind the wood.

South side eave done
The problem with this was he was in his good going to work cloths and good outside cool weather jacket. 
Now does anyone else see a problem of being in your good work cloths besides me??
You guessed it he now has caulking on his pants and he jacket and he comes in to the house and said, "I tried to be so careful."  Really?!?!?! When does a man and caulking and careful all go in the same sentence?  

North side eave started
He wants to work on it after work this week but of course, he has something to do every evening this week. 

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