Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let us not forget the Man Cave

Mr. B. has been working hard on his Man Cave. 

By Saturday the 12 he had finished all of the outside construction.  The last piece of wood is in place. All the caulking was finished and some primer paint on. 

Mr. B. has lots of vacation time to use up so he took three days off from work during the week and finished all the painting inside and outside except for the trim and door.  The color matches our house.

Painted outside
This inside picture was after the primer paint.
Painted in side

Here he is surveying his domain and looking very happy with himself.  
A man in his Cave
 He is getting things organized and in their proper place. 
This work bench was his Dad's
Getting Organized
The man cave will be hosting the overflow of Thanksgiving dinner guess on Thursday, I think it will be all the boys.

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Connie said...

What a great man-cave, we all love our spaces don't we?