Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Class Sample

I offered to teach a class on different ways to make Flying Geese.  It is for newer quilters and I will also teach them how to use their rulers for cutting 45 degree angles.  I found some fabric I really liked and started thinking about a layout. 

Not my real fabrics
Of course I played with some layouts in EQ7.  I even scanned in my fabrics for a realistic look.  Here is one of my first ideas.  The problem was I liked both of my colored fabrics and I could not decide which one to use the most.  So I was trying to go for balance of both colors.  What a mistake that was. 

First layout
This is what kind of craziness you get when you cannot decide on colors.  The next morning I woke up and had a great idea.  So after work on Monday night I did some frog stitching and made more flying geese and a star. 

Final Layout

I planed it out in EQ7 and loved it right away.  I named it Fly to the Star.  The red geese I am just going to make a single strip hanging.  No waste here.

Here it is all basted and ready for quilting. I have five different ways to make the flying geese.  There are more ways then that but a couple of them are too strange for new quilters.  Plus I won't want to use them myself so why teach them. 

One of the fun techniques I am teaching are three dimensional.  See the rulers tucked in the folds?  Here is where I learned how to do the goose on the left. The one on the right I learned on the Dear Jane list many years ago, when I made a one inch star. 

Now to go start the quilting! 
On Sunday I also finished my Beyond the Basics EQ7 class handouts I will be teaching on the 5th.  I have been a busy girl!

Happy Stitching!

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lorene said...

love the layout! great job and love the colors too....