Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quilting Update

Well I have done some sewing and some more Family History scrapbook pages in the last two weeks. I put the scrapbooking away for a few days. I usually go to quilt camp the weekend after Labor Day but I wasn't able to go this year.  Long story and I am not going there.  So I decided that this Saturday, Sunday & Monday I would get as much sewing down as possible. 

First I need to catch you up what I finished last week. 
I finished appliqueing the scallops down on the fourth border of Fresh Picked Flowers.  It is all nicely pressed.  Now I am thinking of how to quilt it.  I think my idea is to do something in each white area so the flowers and colored areas pop more.  We shall see.  I hope to work on that on Monday.  No picture because it won't look at lot different then what you have seen.

Almost empty box of Yo-Yos
I also tacked down all the small Yo-Yos I had finished and started making more.  I didn't get far, I only made 5 more.  I think I need to put the Yo-Yos away for awhile and work on finishing Fresh Flowers and Kierra's Double Irish Chain quilt.  I have to make more blocks to finish off those large Yo-Yos but I am not making more blocks until these are finished.

Yo-Yo blocks

Yo - Yo Tally:
25 Blocks finished
9 partially done

Saturday I started our daughter's and her husband's new quilt.  She loved the black and red one I made for her when she was 15, She wanted black and red again this time, and the same pattern was fine.  We did add a third color.  I cut a lot of my strips yesterday and started making Block A.  Today I was bored with Block A and started some Block B.  Just to mix things up a bit. 

Double Irish Chain

I placed some blocks up on the design wall to see how they are going to look. The piles of blocks are on the ironing board.  In front are my mock up for making my strip sets.  I think it is going to look very nice. 

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