Monday, August 15, 2011

More Sewing

During the last week I was able to do some sewing. Work has been very busy and I've worked some extra-long days so I didn't have a lot of energy to do a lot of sewing.

Appliqued Scallops

I have started to appliqué the scallops down on the Fresh Picked Flowers quilt. This is the most machine appliqué I have done with my new machine. Of course with any new machine there is a little adjustment time and a little troubleshooting time. On Sunday evening I broken needle and of course the tip fell down into the machine. I took the needle plate off to try and find the tip. I never found it. So I put everything back together again and tried to sew and then my fabric wouldn't move. I repositioned everything and tried again and still no luck my fabric wouldn't move. So I took off the plate again and much to my surprise I found a nest of thread. I was able to remove all the thread and was able to sew without any more difficulty. What a relief!

Even though I have push button stop and go on my new machine I find I am more comfortable doing machine appliqué and using the foot controller. I like to be able to slow down and speed up as needed.
A Quilter needs to know her machine!
If you double click on the pictures you will see an enlarged picture.

Sometimes when I'm sewing I have an interruption from my very favorite kitty cat companion Rosie. For some reason she likes to get between me and the machine. Here's a picture of her look at me and wanting attention. Of course she got the attention then I pushed her off my lap so I could sew.  This isn't the best picture Rosie because she is right in my face and I could not move the camera back far enough to take a good picture. She is pretty and a sweet cat.

Yo-Yo Tally:

Here are all the Yo-Yos I have (22) finished, as of tonight, 3 with tacked on yo-yos and (10) with just centers.  No pictures this week, I will wait until the are all appliqued down.


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