Monday, June 27, 2011

Travel Sewing

Hotel Sewing Again
 I did find a few minutes to do some hand sewing between work and site seeing.  I did the sewing mostly after work each night to unwind before going to sleep. This is what it looked like when I first set up.   

What I accomplished
And here is what I accomplished.  The Yo-Yo's are all tacked down and the centers are appliqued down and some of the small ones are also appliqued down.  

Yo-Yo total

Here are all the Yo-Yos I have finished (10) or almost finished (5) as of this morning, and (10) with just centers.  I spent time Saturday and last evening 
making more Yo-Yo's the supply sure seem to dwindle fast.

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Carma Lee said...

The yo yos are so pretty!