Monday, June 6, 2011

Side Tracked Quilter

Sometimes I am a little AADD, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.  That translates to sometimes I jump from project to project.  The last project I had started was for my cousin in England, and I did work on it but it was the thing I worked on this week. 

Jelly Stars
 I started a small project/kit that I had purchased at the quilt show in March.  I don't know why I got the bug to finish it but I did get the bug and all I have left to do is the binding.  The other small quilt that was in this same kits was the small flag quilt I made earlier this year.  You can see it on the small flag link.

The patterns are from The Bread & Butter Society.  The sponsoring quilt shop is Zoe's Trunk.
I did change the pattern a little and I made one fabric substitution.  I didn't like the brown they had for the patch block so I changed it to something I had and I liked better.  I wanted my small border to be a little wider, 1 inch instead of a 1/2".  The fabrics that was the small border was also to be the binding, so I don't have enough for the binding.  The brown I used for the patch blocks I will use for the binding.  I like how it turned out.  I just wanted a little something to quilt on my new machine.  I quilted in the ditch and straight stitching in the brown patches.  I did a design from my machine in the large outer border. 

Kierra's Double Irish Chain
The other project I started was for my daughter Kierra.  I wanted to put a couple of the blocks together to make sure she liked the fabrics she had picked out before I purchased the rest of the fabric.  Kierra knows what she likes and it is very different than from what I like, so I wanted to make sure she liked it.  She does like it!  This is very similar to the quilt I made her when she was 15.  Then it was a solid black & solid red double Irish Chain.  She has made progress and I have some texture and a third color.  I even found a picture of it stretched on a frame to baste.

1997 Quilt

The first two or three years that I quilted I scrapbooked a quilt journal.  I don't have time for that anymore.  I use my blog as a journal of my quilts.  I was able to order the fabric on line since three of my favorite shops here in the valley did not have the two I need.  The black came today but the red is on back order and should ship about the 15th of the month. 

Fresh Picked Flowers
 And finally I did work on my special project.  I have the rows together and next I will do the other seams.

I did a lot of sewing last week.  It was fun, hopefully I will do more this week.  


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