Sunday, June 12, 2011

Man Cave Update

Yes it has been a long time! 

Mr. B. has been taking a break on his Man Cave.  Yesterday he had the urge to work on it plus he had helping hands and a new toy.  He purchased a new saw to cut wider widths.  Now he can cut the cement siding in one cut. 

I can see my reflection in the glass!

Mr. B. was so very proud of that circle cut out around the light fixture.  It was a perfect fit and lined up perfectly.  He did a great job of measuring twice and cutting once.  He wasn't too happy about the right side over the door but I suggested a notch out and he was very happy with my suggestion.  Of course I didn't know the name of it and when I described it he knew what I meant and the name.  He is so sweet and told me that is the perfect solution.  Sometimes it takes two.

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