Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Special Gift

I have a special friend in Miami Florida.  I first meet her when I went to work at then Variety Children's Hospital and was asked to work in NICU one night.  Shortly after that night I transfer to the NICU & PICU.  So we have been friends for a long time.  I went to visit her in May of 2009.  The date is the link to the first of 11 post on our vacation to visit Linda in Florida.


On Friday the 13th a gift arrived for me, it was my Christmas, Birthday, Christmas & Birthday gift.  Linda started working on it after my visit two years ago.  It is really cool and I am looking forward to using it at my next quilt retreat, which may not be until next year. 

Close up of front

On the close up of the front you can see two pictures of Mr. B. and I when we were in Florida two years ago.  Linda calls this  Caribbean Memories.  So you think OK this is a nice tote bag but it is more than a tote.

Inside Front
When you open the tote it has three sides that hang down from your chair. There are different pockets on each side.  This one holds a nice size cutting mat.

A Side

This side has a place for pencils or markers, a clear zipper pocket and a large pocket for books or patterns. 

The other side
This side a pocket for a ruler and two clear zipper pockets.  She had to be careful to get those pockets going the right direction. 

Here is a close up of the label she made on inside. I really like my special gift and all the nice touches she added.  There is a luggage label on the outside shaped like a palm tree.  A flip flog shaped key ring with the Southernmost Point marker on it.  Linda knows I miss Florida.  She also included two cushions to make those uncomfortable folding chairs more comfortable. 

Thanks Linda you did a beautiful job!

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