Sunday, April 24, 2011

Man Cave Update!

The Siding has been started.

It has been a long time since I have done a Man Cave update because the progress has been slow and not very obvious.  On Saturday, Mr. B. started working on the siding, and this is how much he was able to accomplished.  It already has primer on it so it will be ready for painting.  This is a cement board siding.   Looking good!

Monday, April 18, 2011

How Many Yo-Yos this Week??

Well I didn't really count them!

In this picture I have 4 appliqued down, two blocks basted and 3 centers basted.  I am getting smarter as I go, I have 3 needles threaded one each of light, middle or dark thread, so I can use a blending thread when I make the Yo-Yos.  Less needle threading!  I vote for that.

I also drew it in EQ7 just because it is fun to play in EQ7. 

I didn't color each block scrappy but I could.  The quilt in the book is about 80 plus blocks but I think I am going to do 36.  I have 32  background blocks sewn, so I only have to sew four more.  What color I will use for the border will all depend on how it looks once I get it together. 

The other playing I did in EQ7 is for my daughter's quilt, she wants another Irish Chain quilt.  I made her a black and red one when she was 15.  Now she wants black red and gray.  I haven't started it yet, but we have the fabric picked out and that is a good start.  

I also worked on my handouts for my EQ7 class I'll be teaching on May 14th.  I guess I have been busy.

Happy Stitching!  

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yo-Yos every where

Yo-Yos on 4.11.11

Not much to report on this week, so it will be quick and sweet.  I have made more of them, I have sewed some down and basted more on.  The top two blocks are are stitched down and look great.  If I do say so myself.  The rest are just basted.  I make a few I baste them on, make a few more then stitch them down.  I am enjoying the process.  I think I just need to slow down at this time in my life.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Little Trip

Mr. B. and I took a little trip for our 19th wedding anniversary up to or really over to Safford, AZ.  We wanted to go to the new temple there that has been opened less than a year.   
I enjoy seeing the rock formations.  I miss the green of Florida but I do like the mountains and rock formations.  the more interesting they are the better I like them. 
The Gila Valley Temple at night.
During the day. 
On Friday afternoon we went to the Kartchner Caverns.  The caverns have only been open to the public for about 10 years.   We were able to see the Big Room, which will be close in about 10 days, when the bats return.  No pictures are allowed to be taken inside the caverns, so I purchased a few postcards.   It was a very interesting tour. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

More Yo-Yos and a Finish

Making Progress
I have made some progress on my Yo-Yo quilt.   I basted down the Yo-Yos on these two blocks and began the hand applique of the Yo-Yos.  You might see the needle on the block on the right.  Last week, I only had the Yo-Yos pinned to the design wall.
My traveling Tin

Mr. B. and I took a little anniversary trip to Safford, AZ and Benson, AZ.  I took my projects with me in a plastic container.  When I came home I found this fun tin and thought this would work great for storing my blocks and Yo-Yos as I work on them. 

While we were driving to Safford, I finished the binding on my little flag quilt. 

C-9 DJ Blue work

I was also able to do some work
on my Blue Work Dear Jane Blocks.  While riding in the car.  I am not sure how many of these I am going to make.  I will have do a mock up in EQ7.  I have nine done now and I am working on number 10. 

A-13 DJ Blue Work

These blocks look so much better in person. If you think you are seeing cat hair on them you are. My all black cat loves to sit in my lap when I do hand sewing.

Happy Stitching!