Monday, March 28, 2011

She will be Missed

My old machine
 This is a picture of my old sewing machine.  It was the machine I purchased when I had been quilting about a year and a half.  We became buddies in February of 1997.  We have been to camp together, she fell out of a truck once and kept on sewing.  She was a good friend.  A couple of my cats even liked her. 

It is always amazing to me how they can get into such small places. My current cat Rosie doesn't get anywhere near the machine, she only sits in my lap and comes between me and my machine.

 Three Saturdays ago I sat at my machine and started to make labels for my quilts when she suddenly stopped.  Lights won't come on the needle won't move.  I took her to the repair shop and had hopes it would be an easy fix.  She was there almost a week and they got her running again.  They could not find a new motherboard because she is so old.  How insulting to say she is old.  I was told she might last 2 days or 2 years.  I had hopes for 2 years.  She lasted 3 days. 

On Saturday the 19th I spent all day going from one machine shop to another.  I tried Pfaff, Bernina, Vikings, Janomes & a Brother.  I was so exhausted I couldn't decide.  I had an idea that the machine I would like was a little more then we had agreed to spend.  I talked it over with Mr. B. and he told me to go ahead and get the machine I wanted since I will use it a lot any way.  Isn't he great!!. 

New Machine
 Monday after work on the 21st I went and picked up my new machine.   Here she is, isn't she a beauty!  It is so different to have push button controls.  I do not have to use the pedal to make it go if I don't want to.  I had to use the pedal to do machine applique.  It sews so fast I have to keep it at the medium speed level.  She is so quiet and smooth. 

After work I'll post the pictures of the things I sewed this week.  Sorry to  keep you in suspense but I do have to go to work.


Cheryl Palmer said...

Somehow I don't think she will be missed for long! I bet you love your new machine, nice!

Amy said...

Congrats on your new sewing machine Mary! May it bring you many years of quality sewing.

Colleen said...

Condolances and congrats!