Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sewing Room Closet

Before Picture of my closet
A few post back I shared a picture of my sewing room closet with a dresser in it.  It was full of my fabric.  Her it is so you don't have to search for it.  Well I finally made a decision on how I would manage this closet. 

Monday Night
 Last Monday I started moving things out.  I clean off all the stuff from the top of the dresser and placed them in the empty bedroom, soon to be guest room. 

The drawers are out

Tuesday evening I moved all the drawers and put them in the Food Storage room.  There are 10 drawers and some were full to the top and some are half empty.  Each drawer had a color or type of fabric in them.

Dresser is out.

Thursday night I moved all the stuff that was in front of the closet like my rocking chair, stacks of magazines.  Mr. B & I went to Home Depot after our Friday night dinner and purchased the shelves and all the accessories to hang them in the closet.  It is amazing how expensive those things are.  The shelves aren't bad it the brackets that hold them up.  He & I also carried the dresser out of the sewing room to the room across the hall.  I am sure glad it wasn't any further.

New Shelves

Saturday when I came home from shopping for a new sewing machine, Mr. B had all the shelves in place.  He and I did adjust the heights a little bit so I can fit a couple short and long buckets on the bottom.  I went to Target and purchased more bucket or plastic bins for my fabric. 

Sorting batiks

I spent Saturday evening and most of Sunday sorting my fabric.  Here are my batiks that I was sorting, I ended up with 4 buckets, one for lights, mediums, darks & Christmas.  I really did vacuum the floor before I started, now I have to do it again.

Almost done!
Here is the last picture for today, I am almost done!  What a good feeling!  See that tall bottom shelve, those taller buckets fit there just perfectly and now I don't have to stand on a foot stool to reach for them any more.  They were on the very top shelve over my cutting table.  Now to make labels for my boxes.


Kathy said...

Mary, It looks awesome!!!

lorene said...

Love it Mary. Looks wonderful!!!!


Cheryl Palmer said...

What a difference! I bet you love it! Very nice!

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Oh, how nice to get it all organized like you want!