Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quilting Update

It seems my habit of posting on Sunday night with what I have accomplished in the last week has kind of gotten lost in shuffle over the last couple of months.  Part of the problem is I am not doing a lot of sewing, I have been working on Genealogy. 

After some more playing and rearranging, this is as much as I have on my design wall of my "Yellow Brick Wall".   I still have lots more playing and rearranging to do.  It just isn't trilling me.  I was even thinking of putting it away for awhile.

This is the other sewing I have finished this week.  One more Blue Work Dear Jane block.  I do this when I want some thing mindless to work on. 
My machine is still in the sewing machine hospital.  They can not find a mother board for it. I am sad about that.  He did get it work again, but can't  guarantee how long it will last.  It might work for a week or two years.  I am praying for two years.  I did go look at machine today but I don't know what I want.


LiahonaGirl said...

Sorry to hear you're having sewing machine problems. I bought a new machine about 18 months ago -- a Baby Lock Espire. All the bells and whistles (automatic needle threader, automatic thread cutter, etc.) -- and great for machine applique. I love it. AlHowever, it isn't a good machine for taking to class so I still use my older (and lighter weight) Pfaff for that. Good job on all of the family history. Once I get released from teaching Gospel Doctrine (it's been 6 years and no end yet in sight), I hope to have time to get serious about family history myself.

Mary said...

There is a time and season for all things. Your new machine sounds wonderful! Do you teach every Sunday? In our Ward they rotate every three Sundays. That is a big calling in my books.