Monday, March 28, 2011

My First Projects on the New Machine

First a commercial break.  I had removed the moderate comments functionality on my blog, but I missed two weeks worth of comments.  I really enjoy reading your comments and I didn't see them until tonight.  So I turned it back on so I can read them when they come in.  Thanks for all the great comments you all have left!

Now on to the business at hand.  My first projects on my new machine.  First I made an extra block for my Farmer's Wife Sampler.  I paper pieced it, simple and fun!

Labels for Blue Moon
 The first label I made is for the Blue Moon quilt.  I have to admit I did a practice piece on muslin, just to see the size of the letters.  They were big!  Then I realized I could make them small, so I did.  These are the small letters here.  The second label is from the quilt show.

Mystical Horses labels
 Here is my Mystical Horse labels.  I have both sizes of letters in this label.  I forgot to change the size of the font when I did the name of the quilt, that is why it is larger.  My name & Mesa AZ is saved in my machine's memory.  How cool is that?  On my old machine I had to reset it every time.   Maybe that is why I didn't use it a lot.

YoYo Blocks

Well during the quilt show I found this wonderful book called Simple Grace.  There is this amazing YoYo quilt in it that I fell in love with.  So on Saturday I bought some background fabric.  I plan to use scraps from my stash for the yo-yos.  I made about 36 background blocks.  You see all the yo-yos I have made so far.  I plan to work on these when I am traveling for work this summer. 

Happy Stitching! 

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Mary you know there is a way to have the comments come directly to your email?? I turned off my moderating when Blogger did the upgrade on spam filters, and it's been wonderful not to have to go through every single comment now. But I do read everything on my email.