Monday, January 17, 2011

Updates for Man Cave and Quilting

I am not sure where the time is going but it is going fast.  I have been busy reorganizing computer files and photos as well as drawers and stuff.  Not a lot at a time but just small amounts of time here and there.  It still takes a lot of time.  The goal is to empty the download folders when I finish name the pictures.  I emptied 60 folders of pictures I took during 2010.  Most folders had a few photos in them like about 6 or so.  So once I get the couple I want to upload to this blog post I am moving them into the correct folders. 

I have also been busy catching up on my genealogy reading and trying to decide what classes I will be taking this Friday & Saturday at the Family History Expo here in Mesa.  I am a blogger of honor so I will be posting about the classes I attend and the thing I learn over on my Genealogy Blog.  It will be fun to meet some of the bloggers I have meet on-line in person. 

My Moon Santa

I did manage to find some time for sewing on last Sunday, this just past Saturday and yesterday.  I quilted my Moon Santa and I have the binding almost finished, you can see where my binding clips are on the last side of the binding.  I did more quilting on this them on the one I gave as prize.  I free motion quilted around the word Believe and I did straight stitching across the piano key trim.  If you double click on the picture you should be able to see a larger version.  I like it. 

Richard working at night

Richard has also been busy working on his man cave.  The inside is finished except for the painting.  He will wait to do that until it is all done.  He has started adding the frame on the out side for the siding.  Tonight was pretty mild so he decided to work on it this evening after work.  He has his big portable spotlight set up.  I even had to go out and help him hold that bottom board straight for him until he had it nailed down.

Happy Stitching!

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