Monday, May 31, 2010

Stocking Update

I made a lot of progress on the stocking, or it seems like I did to me. I had to rip that big N out. I was three stitches too far to the left, of course when I noticed I was just about done with it. I was determined to have that one letter in there tonight, so I took it out and re-did it. That red trim was very time consuming.

My copy of EQ7 has arrived and I done some playing in the program and I'm very pleased with what I see so far. It is very similar to EQ6 in it's layout and functioning, which will make upgrading my classes easier. I have drawn a block and designed a little wall hanging.

Man Cave Update

There has been progress made on the man cave, and here is the man in his cave. He was just tightening down the screws that hold in the casing for the air conditioning while I was out there taking pictures. Last weekend we were out of town, but the weekend before that he pulled all the wire from the main box to his cave. The nylon rope he was using broke 5 feet from the end closest to the cave. He had to cut the pipe to get to the wires. Then patch the pipe at that point. The Monday after that he pasted the electric inspection.

Saturday he worked on the inside wiring and mounting the air conditioning.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Stocking Update

I finished the top of the stocking and since I had to wind it up onto the top bar, I decided to unroll the whole stocking to see how the how much progress has really been made. This was taken on Wednesday May 19th. This is about 2/3s completed.

This pictures is from last night and this is what I finished over the weekend, the letters and the start of another vine. As you can see by the green stitches I have started the work on the toe area. I'm very pleased with my progress.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ann's Thanks You Email

Mary -

I am checking my email and I am jumping up and down right now here in St John - I am sooooo.......... excited that I won!!!

Wow - this has really made my day!!!!! Thanks for hosting the give-away!!!!

Oh!!!! I am going to post a huge thank you on my blog tomorrow!!!! I am off to a celebration dinner tonight!!!

Thanks again,

Watch her Blog tomorrow.

The Wait is Over and the Winner is....

Good afternoon,
This has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. I had 173 people who enter my give away. 163 by leaving comments, 10 by sending emails. Of those 173 entries 48 of them went the extra mile and won an extra point by posting something on their blogs. My spread sheet is 4 pages long, plus I sent an email to everyone who wrote a comment or sent an email. Of the 173 there were 13 people who left a comment that did not send me your email address, so you did not hear from me, sorry. So lesson learned, always be sure that some one has your email address.

The lucky winner, as you can see by my spreadsheet won EQ7 on her extra point, she posted something on her blog. Her name is Ann and her blog is Renegade Quilter. She is vacationing right now in St. John, US Virgin Islands,according to her blog. I don't know when she will see her email and this post but I will share with all what she has to say when I hear from her. What I did if you are interested is I gave everyone one number and then I assigned the second number to those who qualified. My thinking was the numbers would be more varied.

Here is the Random Number Generator I used showing the lucky number.

For the rest of you, I'm sorry I didn't have more copies to give away, so order quickly from Electric Quilt while the special price is still on until May 31st, but don't forget that here in the USA, the 31st is a legal Holiday, for Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WOW there has been a wonderful responds to the EQ7 Give-away here on my blog. Most of you have heard back from me and the rest will. Except for those folks you did not send me an email with their email address. So if you are one of those folks please send me an email to mebowden at cox dot net with your email address, or I'll have to give your lucky # to someone else.

I have also decided to end the give away a little earlier than planed because of some work commitments and a weekend getaway with my hubby. So I will actually end the contest on Saturday the 15th at midnight. And on Sunday the 16th in the afternoon I will announce the winner. I'm sure most of you will be happy to know sooner if you are the winner.

If you are just now coming to enter the give away, please leave your comment on the original post. Thanks!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stocking Update

Well first I'm going to show you the surprise I came home to on Wednesday after work. My hubby planned ahead and ordered these flowers for me for Mother's Day. I took a picture Thursday morning but there was too much mess on the counter. So I just took another picture, now on Monday evening they are holding up very well. They are lovely and I really appreciated his thoughtfulness!! Thanks Honey they are lovely. Even in this picture everything was cleared off the counter but one thing and of course it's in my picture, oh well the kitchen is a busy place.

Here is the progress on Will's Christmas stocking! Those letters take a lot of time. I have the capital letters on the bottom half of the stocking to do yet. I'm going to like the part I'm starting now, the green vines with flowers. As you can see I'm still undecided about the angles' wings. I still have two different colors. So far one friend sent me an email and she likes the white wings the best. Just as long as I decide before I take it in to be finished I'll be OK. Just my luck I'll forget and they will be different forever.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Exciting News!!! EQ7 Give Away! Is Closed

This contest has been closed since May 15th. DO NOT LEAVE ANY MORE COMMENTS. Please and Thank You.

This is part of the email I received today.

Dear Bloggers,
It is with SUCH EXCITEMENT that I am emailing you today… YOU are one of the 10 EQ7 Blog winners! Not only have you won an EQ7 program for yourself but you can also plan to give one away to your lucky readers on your blog!

Sarah Shriver
The Electric Quilt Company

I who seldom wins anything won this!!!! I'm so excited!!

Plus I won for one of you also!! So since I get to have a little contest!

Here are the rules:
There are two give away activities. Leave a comment on this post and your name is entered for one chance to win. Your name is entered a second time for creating a post on your blog and linking back to my blog. That gives you up two chances to win.

Copy & Paste this information in your email to enter this giveaway.
Then send your email to me at mebowden at cox dot net.

My Name is:
My Email is:
My Blog Address is:
I have _______ points.

Point Actives:
1 point for leaving a comment on this post. So even if you don't have a blog you can do this, but you will need a Google account to leave a comment.
1 point for creating a post on your blog and linking to my giveaway.

The contest will end on May 15th at midnight my time (AZ Time). On the 21st I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. I will announce the winner here and send the lucky winner an email.

So good Luck!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stocking Update

See the line of red stitches, that part of the pattern is actually on another page of the pattern. The pattern is on four pages, but the forth page has a lot of the third page pattern on it. Any way I figure I'm about a third of the way done with the stocking by eye balling the picture of the pattern. Maybe a little less. I started in February so 2 months worth of work. I had planed it would take me 6 months to complete. I'm feeling very committed to working on the stocking.

Today I was looking at pictures of Krystal's stocking that I made in 2006. I started her stocking in February and finished in October. I can't remember what else I was doing that year, other than a new job and a new floor because of a flood in the house. I'm really hoping this one will be done before October.

There is more stitching rolled under the cover on the frame that you can't see here.

Man Cave Update

Last Saturday it was dig the trench for the pipes, this Saturday it was time to put the pipes in the ground. Next Saturday, oh he won't be here, he is going on Father's and Son's camp out. The following Saturday, oh I'm hoping we are going out of town. Well one of these Saturdays he will pull the wires for electricity and cable from the mail power source to the Man Cave. He still has to find an air conditioning unit for the Main Cave also.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Project is Done!!!

Last year by this time I had all kinds of little projects done but this year I'm working on big ones. So it feels like I'm not making progress but that isn't true I am making progress, it's just not very visible on my done list!

This is the living room valance which is blueish in color.

On Wednesday when I took a day off from work I decided to make my Americana curtains and valances. I have had the fabric for almost a year and I first saw the fabric a year before that. When I finally got around to ordering it they didn't have the colors I wanted or enough of what I wanted so I changed my plan and actually it turned out better. I love it when it works out better than planned.
This is the curtain and valance over my computer desk, this window faces East so the morning sun is bright.

This is the kitchen valance that looks into the hobby room. This was an outside window until we closed in our patio. The valances in both these rooms are red. The curtains are off white & blue plaid.

Now just to give you a chuckle, I must have been off in my math when I ordered my blue plaid fabric. I measured it last night and said oh I have 4 yards that will be enough. So you can imagine my surprise when I finished the first two and went to cut the last two and realized I didn't have enough fabric. So luckily I had some red fabric left and just added the additional 8" I needed on each plaid panel. I forgot to add 4" to each window length for the hanging pocket and hems. All is well that ends well. And as you can tell from the final picture above, no one can tell I didn't have enough fabric. And in case you are wondering why I want my curtains to go all the way to the top of the window, that morning AZ sun is bright and hot in the summer, so we block out as much you can.

My son just asked why did you change the curtains and he doesn't like these. I won't repeat what he did say. Boys they have no taste at all.