Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Man Cave

Insulation almost done!
The weather is cooler and Mr. B. is making progress on his "Man Cave".  This Saturday he was able to insert the insulation into the walls. 

The other two walls are done, and just a little more to do on these two walls.   He is thinking he might do it after work one night this week.  The sooner this is finished the sooner the garage is empty of all his stuff!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Man Cave and No Quilting.

Insulation in the Ceiling
Mr. B. is enjoying having cooler weather to work on his man cave.   Last Saturday he finished the first layer of foam insulation.  I forgot to take a picture.  Yesterday he started with the roll insulation.  The ceiling is almost finished, except for what you see here.  He ran out of his first roll and he wasn't going to go to the store to buy more.  So he just stopped. 

The only sewing I did this week was the hand stitching on the binding of my Mystical Horses.  I am on the third side.  I had a very busy week both at work and at home.  I was hoping this week might be a little calmer but as it stands now I have something going on after work for 4 evenings out of 5.  That is too weeks in row I have been busy, I hope it calms down a little soon.

Happy Stitching all!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Table Topper and Runner

Halloween Table Runner
I was able to finish the binding on my copy of the Halloween table runner and I have it on my living room coffee table.  Since we don't drink coffee my husband, Mr. B. likes to call it the "Pepsi Table".  I don't like that name since I don't drink or like Pepsi.  So anyway it's on that small table in the living room and it looks very nice and festive. 

Rosie's copy didn't sell at her daughter's boutique but I am going to save it for next year's boutique.

I have started the 2nd side of the binding on the Mystical Horses quilt.  I am looking forward to hanging that on my quilt rack. 

Thanksgiving Table Topper
I took a PTO day today just because I needed an extra day off.  I pieced this little table topper today.  It really worked up quickly, considering I was also watching all my taped TV shows from last week.  This is from Little Charmers IV by Anka's Treasures.  I didn't use a charm pack, I just used fabric it I had on hand. 

Added a border to Caribbean Sea

I had seen a star quilt in a shop that had a floating star border, and I really liked it how it looked and I thought it would look good on my Caribbean Sea Quilt.  Since I do need to make it big enough for a queen size bed another border won't hurt.  I will have to add some extra rows of blocks but I like how the star border looks, just in the corners. 

I am really tired tonight so I am going to call it a day!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Table Runners
Well this week I was able to finish one of the table runners, the second one is quilted and the binding is on by machine.  I still have to sew the binding on by hand on the back.  The one with orange binding went to my friend Rosie for her daughter's boutique, it hadn't sold by the time we left at 1230 PM.  I haven't checked with Rosie to see if she sold any more quilts.

I also trimmed and sewed on the binding by machine for the Mystical Horse quilt.  All 300 inches of binding.  I didn't take a picture of that.  I am taking both of these quilts with me while I stay on the west side of town for work.  I'll have a nice project to work on in the evenings. 

The big thing was to update one of my pages on my blog, Quilt Classes I Teach.  I had a list of my classes but no pictures, now I have added pictures and a little story about each class.  Next I'll update my page, The Quilts I Designed.

Hopefully this will make my blog more interesting for readers and followers. 

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Funny Story

Last Sunday I decorated for Halloween about Wednesday my Mr. B. said to me, "What is that Man on the Horse?"  Of course I had no idea what he was talking about, I was in another room when he asked.  The other question was when did you put him there.  Of course I explain he was the Grim Reaper and he has been sitting there since Sunday.  You can never accuse my Mr. B. of being too observant.  You can see the picture of the Grim Reaper here

Mystical Horses finished on the frame
 This week I spent mostly doing machine quilting.  I finished quilting my Mystical Horse quilt.  That is a good feeling.  I have been working on this for a long time.  I'll add the binding in the coming week and take it to Jane's house while I am working on the West side of town next week.  The hand sewing will keep me busy in the evenings.

Close up of the quilting.
Here is a close up of the quilting.  I used King Tut thread color # 935, it is variegated teal, purple, bright green and a blue.

Rosie's Quilt
My friend Rosie has a quilt she wanted me to quilt so she can sell it in a boutique next weekend.  I used Rose King Tut variegated thread on this quilt and it looks very nice. 

Halloween Blocks

Well I did do a little piecing last night.  One of my fellow quilt campers made a very nice Halloween table runner.  I took a picture of it and drew it up in EQ7.  Yesterday Rosie helped me pick out fabric, she has such fun doing that.  I am going to make two of them, one for me and one for Rosie to sell next weekend at the boutique.  I have all the half square triangles sewed, each block has four and each runner has four blocks.  I think these colors are messed up from what I had planned. 

Caribbean Sea Quilt Design
The one other thing I did today was to redraw all my Caribbean Sea blocks in EQ7.  Somehow I had managed to lose a lot of my EQ6 files.  It didn't take very long to redraw them so it was fun.  I have 10 blocks made and I have 8 more to make.   Since I am hoping to have a guest room in the near future, I want to have this quilt finished for the bed in the guest room.  The theme in that room with be beach, I am going to call it my Florida room.  These colors are not exact and I am not sure but I might add another border.  This was a mystery quilt and this is the layout that was suggested.  I do like this layout but it is not wide enough for a queen size bed.  I feel a pieced border is in my future.

I really did accomplish a lot this week, no wonder I am tired.  Early to bed for me tonight!!