Sunday, September 26, 2010

Look Who Has Been Busy

  I have had a busy week in more than sewing.  On Wednesday I had to take my cat Rosie in for surgery, she is doing fine, but it is never a fun thing to take a person or a pet in for surgery. 
That was my day off then I was three days over on West side of town for work.  Luckily I have a very nice quilting friend I stay with.  I finished the binding on this first two projects at her house. 

The Cardinals I started at Quilt camp.  Those are pine cone buttons in the middle. 

Painted Desert

This beautiful 15" square batiks and fairy frost is called Painted Desert, it was in the Fall 2004 for the Love of Quilting by Fons & Porter.  Those pieces are very small, and this picture doesn't do it justice.  I kept the quilting simple, just in the ditch, I didn't want to detract from the stars.  There are 13 stars.  Yesterday I decided I would enter it in the Arizona Quilters Guild Show in March of 2011.                                                                                                                                     
Mystical Horses
Today I did some more quilting on my Mystical Horses.  I think I am about to the half way point.  See it doesn't touch the floor any more! I need to have it finished by Saturday morning.  One of my friends wants me to quilt a medium size quilt for her so she can sell it at a Boutique.  Anyway I am happy with the quilting so far. 

DJ Blue Work
When I was on vacation I had
lunch with a friend I meet in Blogland.  Lorene and I visited for a while before lunch and I admired lots of her stuff.  Well she showed me her Dear Jane blocks she is doing in red work.  And let me tell you I fell in love with them.  I have never been drawn to red work, but these just grabbed me.  So I went to the quilt shop to buy my red thread and they didn't have any, so I went with my favorite color, blue.  The work up really fast and they are perfect for those evenings I don't feel like sitting at my machine.  They are mindless and relaxing.  I am not going to make them all and I might mix them with some Dutch Treat blocks I have and do an unusual setting.  Time will tell.  When I get tired of them I'll stop.

Well even though I am not tired now, it is time for me to go to bed.  Monday morning work day will come very fast now. 

Happy Stitching!!                                        

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