Saturday, September 18, 2010

Favorite Tools

I'm not sure how many new quilters visit my blog.  I know many seasoned quilters do.  For the new quilters I wanted to give them some ideas of tools of the trade that make quilting easier. 

Many quilters have favorite tools and what I like works for me.  That is part of why they are my favorite tools.  I decided to share some of these tools every once in awhile as they might be something you might want to try.  I had this idea while I was pressing my mystical horse quilt before placing it on the frame. 
As any good quilter will know pressing is very important for good results. 

Quilt top on big board

Many years ago my husband made me a big board or a large ironing board topper, that might be a trade name but there is no other name to describe it.  It is big and goes over your ironing board.  It is a 60" x 24", so there is no narrow end which makes ironing big flat pieces of fabric easier.  Well let me show you a picture, because after all a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

Those seams on the back need to be flat

My husband place 2" strips of wood on the bottom the same width as the ironing board, so it doesn't slip around.  It sure makes ironing easier. 

It is important to press those seams flat. 

 Happy Stitching!

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Deb G. in VA said...

I love to see how others do things! I have been wanting a large ironing board like yours and would love to make one. I have several questions ...
Do you remember what kind of wood was used to make it?
Is it heavy?
Did you finish the wood before you covered it, i.e. paint or coat it with polyurethane?
What did you use to cover it with, regular batting and fabric?